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Yvonne Nelson sends warning to her fans about friendships

Yvonne Nelson made this assertion through her official Twitter page yesterday.

She said people should ‘watch’ and be ‘smart’ when choosing people they hang out with.

“WATCH WATCH WATCH the people you hang out with!” she tweeted. “Your friends! Many end up in pits because of friends!”

She continued: “Be smart, cut some friendships off! You know exactly what I’m saying…let them go now! Poor choices in friends can be deadly! Good morning.”

It’s unclear what triggered her tweet, however, some of her tweeps agreed with her.

“So true… I lost 12million in naira currency 2days ago… Simply because someone I call a friend and took as a brother… Even paid for his data subscription most times, told a client I stole his money just to get me off a job & be the one to execute it. I only found out ltr,” a tweep commented on Yvonne’s post.

Another tweep added: “Na who never experience calamity the get plenty friends.”

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