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What’s with all this ugly hate – Hammar of The Last Two fame jumps to defence of Shatta Wale

Hammer of The Last Two comments comes following a clash between Shatta Wale and Arnold on television.

According to Arnold, Shatta Wale was confused for proposing that Ghanaian acts come together as one to promote a single genre that can be attributed to all music works in the country.

But his (Arnold) comments didn’t go well with Shatta and so he quickly jumped to defend himself. This almost ended in throwing blows.

This, hence, strike out Hammer to write a long piece defending Shatta Wale and calling Arnold’s criticisms as mere hatred.

“What’s with all this ugly hate on social media? Confused is disrespectful no matter how you spin it, and being a journalist certainly gives you no right to call someone confused,” Hammer said.

He added that Arnold should have known better because, people were labelled confused and crazy yet, they came back to change the narrative.

“Do u know how many people have been called confused and crazy in history, just cos they were misunderstood, only for them to change the narrative that eventually went on to influence society for the better?

Arnold, you should know better. A few tantrums and politically incorrect outbursts from star boy and so what!”

He added that although he doesn’t agree with Shatta Wale’s opinion on having one Genre to represent Ghana, he could have his opinion without being disrespectful.

“Me myself I don’t agree with the idea of one Genre to represent GH but can’t I have that opinion without being disrespectful? Sometimes you guys sound like u wanted to be musicians and it didn’t work out.”

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