The beautiful actress shared these lovely photos on her verified social media social media handle on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“So What’s Good ?”

The actress who was well-known to have enviable curvy hips looked very slim in the photos and this made fans raise some eyebrows.

A follower with the handle, @TerkpeteyDugba1 asked;

“@Joselyn_Dumas wat happened to ur big ass n curvy hips no offense tho”

Another fan who was obviously shocked to see how the hips of the actress has ‘shrinked’ also said;

“Ashok sef bro information wc wiase oo, I remember wey back Gallyhood movies na she get Ass oo herr the whole Ghana”

Other reactions from her followers are;


@WindyCityShine – What’s good? Our favorite beauty playing peek-a-boo by the pool as the evening stars start to shine adding a shimmering twinkle to her beauty. Can an evening get more lovely? Thanks for sending us to bed with the perfect picture for our dreams!

@IkeDeModel1 – How do u keep ur body and still look the same for years??? You are indeed Beautiful

@JJCubes – So isn’t there any good looking young man making some descent income with a husband mindset to sweep this charm of her feet and bag all this gold that comes with it.

@nanayaw_buadu – Some of are obsessed by you already. We can’t seem to notice any difference when there’s one. They look good

@psalmdavids – if you where a Ga woman, the name that will fit u paaa is Afoley



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