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The rapper this afternoon realized his name is trending as number two on the social media platform after most Twitter users re-candled his long time ‘beef’ with colleague rapper Sarkodie.

The ‘Palmw ine and Whisky’ hit maker surprised about the trend quizzed social media users why he was trending on the site, he tweeted;


What did I do this time…

The ‘beef’ between the two great rappers, Manifest and Sarkodie dates back to earlier 2016 when the two engaged themselves in one of the biggest rap beef the industry has ever seen since Chicago vrs Exdoe in early 2000s.

Their beef started when rapper EL realized a track titled ‘King Without The Crown’ claiming the Ghanaian music rap king to whom many don’t recognized. Sarkodie as big as he is took offense in the track and decided to reply EL with his track titled ‘Bossy’.

In the ‘Bossy’ track, Sarkodie instated himself as the ‘King of Rap’ in Ghana and in African and threw shot at any other rapper who wants to challenge him for his throne. But the biggest line in the song that started his beef with Manifest was the later part of the song when he borrowed Manifest’s popular ‘m.. dot dot to dot’.

Ghanaains woke up about three days after the Bossy song was dropped to meet a fresh reply to the song by no other rapper but Manifest. He titled the song ‘GodMC’, which is arguably one of the biggest ‘diss’ songs in the history of Ghana music.

Sarkodie too after about a week replied the ‘GodMC’ song with a track of his own titled ‘Kanta’. But the song was met with mixed reactions as many accused the SarkNation boss of adding insults to the diss which doesn’t make the beef healthy.

Fans from the two camps has since be reading meanings to everything both rapper does suggesting a direct shot to the opposite camp even though they both in 2020 put their egos aside to do a song together titled ‘Brown Paper Bag’.

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