South African global superstar Nasty C raised many eyebrows with a video of himself throwing huge sums of cash on a stripper in a night club.

Observing his Instagram stories, the ‘Hell Naw’ hitmaker isn’t just emptying his bank accounts for the fun of it, but is rather shooting the visual of his song, Bookoo Bucks.

Nasty C throws money at strippers

The rapper recently dropped his second album ‘Zuluman with some power’ and the single is off the project.

Reacting to the pole dancing video shared, many of his followers claimed the video truly depicts the lyrics of the song.

Watch video below:

Check some of the reactions below:

Other were not impressed with what they saw and also took to the comment section to express their disgruntle.

“You lost your mind my Zulu king.”

“Im telling Sammy.”

“Look so awkward.”

Meanwhile, Nasty C and his fans were recently given a major heart break when American rapper Jay Z pulled a prank on him for April fools.

Nasty C thought it was finally time for his dream to have a collaboration with the hip-hop legend to be fulfilled only for him to be disappoint as it was all an April fools prank.

Jay Z though earned praises and even topped the trending list for his decision to have an album with African talent on his supposed Tidal exclusive album titled ‘The Ascension’. 

In his statement he released via Roc Nation website he said, “I’ve always wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect to the motherland. You know, Africa is blessed with so much talent and I felt like it was time to tap into that resource. The Ascension is not just talking or focusing on Africa but it’s also about me giving back to the people, familiarizing with the culture and connecting more with the motherland.”

But Nasty C and his fans will have to wait for another few years as there is no rap album from Jay-Z.



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