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Watch: King Monada Almost Took Off Big Zulu’s Head In A Sparring Match- Date For The Bout To Be Announced


If there are celebrities out there who are really taking these celebrity boxing matches seriously, then it has to be rapper Big Zulu and singer King Monada. It looks like the two can’t wait to rip each other apart in the boxing ring.

King Monada recently decided to ambush Big Zulu as he prepares for the bout which looks like it will come on but his effort proved futile as he was prevented from punching the Imali Eningi hitmakers.

King Monada wanted to show Big Zulu what he was made of only to be stopped in tracks by the security personnel present. From the look of things the bout will come on with the date set to be announced soon.

“I am going to demand a date for the Celebrity Boxing Match tomorrow wherever Big Zulu is. If that results in a fight, then so be it,” he wrote on his post.

Big Zulu mocked him and asked if he has found a date to get injured.

Watch video below:

The video left many social media users in stitches because from the look of things there is no way King Monada can defeat Big Zulu who is twice his size.

This whole celebrity boxing thing was sparked by Cassper after his boxing match with AKA failed to take place.

He said it is actually a huge thing in the state which serves as another avenue for celebrities to make money.

“Celebrity boxing is sooo big in the states, I think we could make decent money in Africa with it too. It could also boost boxing on the continent. Who do you think would make a great boxing fight?” he suggested.

After that several celebrities expressed their desire to be involved in such an exciting adventure.



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