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Waist-Supporting Smart Belts – The BIND.CO is Designed to Automatically Adjust Pressure on the User (

This waist and back supporting belt is dubbed the BIND.CO is a smart belt that that automatically adjusts to fit the wearer’s needs. Designed by industrial designer SangWoon Kim, the BIND.CO revolutionizes and reimagines the traditional waste support belt to better protect the lumbar spine.

Ideal for heavy-weight lifters at the gym, the smart belt detects the user’s breathing patterns to adjust its pressure accordingly. It, therefore, follows along with the workout’s intensity for accurate support and loosens when the embedded sensors detect rest time between activities.

Kim’s smart belt can be easily attached or detached by pushing its side clip, while the power button controls and detects the user’s start and rest periods. Moreover, this workout innovation boasts position recognition to optimize its lumbar protection further.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

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