Veteran Ghanaian actress Irene Opare has made some rather shocking revelations about her past. In an eye-opening interview, the veteran actress opened up on how she was nearly raped at a young age.

The actress was quizzed about her the night she remembers the most on the “Den Tinz Some Talk Show”, and her revelation was quite surprising, to say the least.

She said there was a guy in her area where she lived as a young girl who always referred to her as his wife and has been inviting her to come to his house.

According, to the actress she one day decided to visit the guy when she was sent on an errand to go and buy kenkey.


She added that the guy was happy to see her when she arrived and after talking to him for a while he asked him to take off her dress so he can see her vag!na which she obliged.

After obeying, the guy convinced her to let him finger her vag!na which she obliged.

The guy then asked her to lie down so he can have s3x with her which she vehemently refused and run back home. She said she forgot to buy the kenkey and was severely flogged for that.

Watch video below:



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