Kayode Kasum has released the trailer for Killing Jade, a film he shot in 2018 starring Toni Tones and Tope Tedela as a couple. The film explores domestic abuse, but from the woman—a typical case of the abused making excuses for his abuser despite warnings from friends.

Tedela plays a Kolapo Campbell, who’s trying to land a government contract, but his bipolar wife suspects he is having an affair with a childhood friend turned business partner. But despite pleas from his friends to leave the marriage, he refuses.

Killing Jade is shot in black and white, and looks both eerie and sumptuous. The trailer features Tones looking characteristically fiery and sassy.


Killing Jade, produced by Tedela and Kasum, stars Paul Utomi, Okey Uzoeshi, Gregory Ojefua, and Nkem Marchie.

According to Kasum, Killing Jade will be coming to your TV screens soon.

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