Ghanaian songstress, songwriter and performer, Stephanie Benson has educate fans with the difference between finding the love of your life and finding your soul mate.

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She said most people who knows her know that she has over the years been married to only one man for about 32 years and its a prove that before before you find your soulmate, make you find your own soul first.

She added that the very big difference between find the love of your and finding a soulmate is, one is a choice and one is not but rather happens naturally.

Only man I’ve ever been with even after 32 yrs of marriage. If u all know me, you’ll know why. There’s a difference between finding The Love of Ur Life and Ur SoulMate. One is a choice and one is not. Before u can find ur Soulmate you need to find ur Soul. Goodnight All

Stephanie Benson recently celebrated her husband Jonathan in a very spectacular fashion with a detailed narrative of how it all they both started and how they fell in love in their 32 years of love life.


Check out below some part of the narrative below;

Once upon a time there was an English Gentleman called Jonathan Paul. Born 26th April, to a Handsome Mechanical Engineer called Jack and A Beautiful Nurse called Diana. Both middle class parents who brought up 2 children, Jacqueline and Jonathan.

The house was ruled with a very calm restrained love, a very English Stiff upper Lip affection but still produced 2 Happy disciplined, middle upper class Adults.

Until one day, Jonathan s life was to change forever. At a young age of 25, he run into an African woman called Akua Ohenewaah , whom he could not get out of his heart. After 4 years of courting in the only way he knew how, a Calm, Very English Stiff Upper Lip patience, he eventually married the love of his life, this African woman, who forever changed his calm, fruitful, successful life into chaos, the kind of chaos he was not ready for …….. (Part 2 Coming soon)🎉🎉💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Today I celebrate the man before, he became Jon, the long suffering husband of Akua Ohenewaah. MEEEE😜

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