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The Police Didn’t Stop Our Leaders From Campaigning During COVID- Efia Odo Fumes


Outspoken Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has reacted to the news of the Ghana Police Service trying to stop the intended Fix The Country protest.

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Yesterday, Efia Odo as one of the top celebrities in the country and part of the conveners of the #FixTheCountry protest revealed their intentions of hitting the streets of Accra to protest against the leaders of the country.

The intentions was followed by a formal letter been sent to the Ghana Police Service for approval for the demonstration to by staged on May, 9th 2021 but the Ghana Police Service has revealed that it will petition the court to try and avoid the group from protesting.

The Police Service gave their reason that it can not give a guarantee for the protestors to adhere with the COVID-19 protocols and restrictions under the country’s laws hence will prevent the group from demonstrating at this time of the pandemic.


The actress and social commentator in reacting to the response by the Ghana Police Service stated bashed the police service for using every means just to disorganize the group with their ‘unreasonable’ excuse as they did not stop the political leaders in the country to campaign through the election season but wants to stop a group of aggrieved citizens from protesting against the bad leadership in this country.

The police didn’t stop our leaders from campaigning during COVID and they won’t stop us from protesting against bad leadership! #FixTheCountryNow

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