The Bois have followers all over the world because their passion for entertainment is infectious, and they remind us of that feeling we had when we fell in love with movies as a kid. To help support their filmmaking journey, we sent them a care package of professional filmmaking gear last August.

“We love movies because they give us the inspiration we need, put us in the best mood and allow us to get a glimpse into the lives of amazing people. And the reason why we do what we do is for the love of movies. And we want to show the world that things can be achieved with the use of little stuffs!” – Babatunde Sanni, Director, Ikorodu Bois

As we approach film’s biggest night, we want to celebrate everyone’s love of movies. It feels like the perfect time, and reason, to give the spotlight to the Bois. They personify a new generation of global film fans, discovering movies for the first time, all over the world. We know that great stories can come from anywhere – including from these ultimate fans – and be loved everywhere.

Fans make the movies.

Be a fan and follow the Bois on Instagram here.

A still from the Ikorodu Bois’ take on the Army of the Dead trailer (left) and a still from the official Army of the Dead trailer (right).

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