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The CEO and I


Watching The CEO and I is quite a trip and not because the storyline is incredible but because the whole thing is quite humorous. And unintentionally so.

In The CEO and I a promising young lady, Nonye (Bolaji Ogunmola), continues to suffer being slandered and being overworked by her overbearing boss (Frederick Leonard). She meets a young and kind lad, Ekene (Uzor Arukwe), one day at the buka (streetside restaurant) and they hit it off. They develop a friendship that makes her boss uncomfortable – possibly because he has feelings for her but he’s too much of a toddler to use his words – so he sets out to be even more cruel to Nonye and now also Ekene.

This film is quite the definition of a time-pass. It’s a film that’s cute to play in the background, does not require your full concentration, and ends just as you expect it to while fully pandering to all your Mills and Boons desires at the end.

It’s thoroughly silly and quite underdeveloped. Our lead character, Nonye, lacks both authenticity and sense. Her boss yells at her friend in her presence so she starts to avoid him and be rude to him. Said friend suggests that she applies to another job and her boss catches her at the interview so she responds by ignoring this friend’s phone calls. Not to mention that whenever she’s given a chance to speak her resting tone is ten octaves above everyone else’s thereby leaving the audience stuck wondering why the yelling going on in the scene is at all necessary.

Usually Uzor Arukwe in anything is a recipe for a good time, but in this situation even his endearing persona mixed in with the appeal of Frederick Leonard could not save this boat from crashing and burning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst movie in the world. It’s just that after watching it you’ll probably forget it in less time than it played for.

Let the lesson you learn from this one sha not be to start dating poor people hoping that they’ll turn out to be undercover rich folks. Bro/Sis! It’s a scam!

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