It has been nearly two years since we last discussed RED TV’s “The Men’s Club” and that review has been in dire need of an update. There’s a lot of ground to cover so this review is broken into two parts: “The Catch-Up” and “The Break-Down

Since the time of the last review till now a whole second season has passed and a third one has begun and made it to its mid point. The boys have grown, their lives have changed, but somethings are still quite the same. So let’s update ourselves on where each of the boys are at now.

“The Catch-Up”

Since we last saw Louis (Baaj Adebule), he has since married and divorced the wife, Tonye (Folu Storms), that his mother chose for him. He has been disowned and disinherited – but he still has his trust fund of course. His ex-wife and mother have tried multiple times to threaten and connive their way into having him do their bidding but Louis has held his own and moved in with his mistress turned fiance, Lola (Nengi Adoki).

SEASON ONE REVIEW EXCERPT: Baaj Adebule is Louis Okafor a spoiled mummy’s boy… or just a boy who has never learned to fend for himself? It’s hard to pick a description – Full review HERE

It appears that since season one Louis has undergone an incredible psychological and mental growth spurt. He has learned to stand his own ground and make his own choices. The question though is whether or not he has the capacity to make the soundest of choices because we soon discover that he has exuberantly used nearly all of the said trust fund money for his new lounge without informing his fiance. That’s not the only trouble in his life this season though? Tonye is back and spotting a baby bump with some demands to tow.

Oh! Plus did we forget to talk about Lola? From previous seasons, we learned that Lola is the daughter of a famed society “mistress” who met, slept with, and married a man who was already married. Now it seems the cycle is being repeated by Lola, and so her mother, Mrs. Teni Doregos (Shaffy Bello), has entered the scene to try and make the path straighter for her daughter.

On her way to making the path straight, Mrs. Doregos jams into the infamous cougar snatcher, Lanre (Daniel Etim-Effiong).

SEASON ONE REVIEW EXCERPT: Lanre is a grown man who seems to be in a happy relationship with his university student girlfriend. He must really like her because he fends off advances from an older cougar-type lady who seems to be using his business as a means to get him in her bed. – Full review HERE

After our last encounter with Lanre, he has since eaten the forbidden fruit (older women) and decided that this is actually the fruit that he likes better, betterer and betterest. Now he doesn’t just have one older aunty to service, but a string of them. In similar fashion, he runs into Mrs. Doregos at a bar one night and decides to give pursuit. Mrs. Doregos obliges him and Lanre gets to work as he knows best but soon discovers who Mrs. Doregos is.

Then we have Tayo (Efa Iwara). Out of all the boys, Tayo seems to have grown the most in between seasons. But even that is said with bated breath because this is The Men’s Club and everyone is liable to run mad at any given time.

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Tayo has since divorced his daddy’s girl ex-wife and started things with a new daddy’s girl, Tiara (Bukola Oladipupo). If there’s anything you can say for the men of TMC, it’s that they are consistent. Except things are different this time for Tayo. This time Tayo seems wise enough to avoid ending up as a tool of Tiara’s father. He is maintaining his independence as he – successfully – runs his own business and does collaborative projects with Aminu.

Tiara seems different from Tayo’s ex because while still an exuberant rich kid, she seems to have a pure heart that beats intensely for Tayo. But how is he going to manage/cope with providing for a spoilt adult who has never been told “no” on his average-man income? Time will tell.

Then there’s Aminu! The last season gave us so much joy to watch Aminu (Ayoola Ayoola) and Tumini (Mimi Chaka) just thrive, frolic, and love each other actively. All until Jasmine (Sharon Ooja) and Patrick (Ibrahim Suleiman) decide that they are severely allergic to all things love, joy, and happiness, and so they set out to destroy it.

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Unfortunately for Tumini (and all the viewers to be honest), Aminu is neither discerning enough nor trusting enough to realize that Tumini was framed. So he ends things with his true love, Tumini, and finds himself trapped by his ex, Jasmine, with a baby that’s probably not his. However, Aminu does not end things like the average man! No oh, that would be much too basic. So while he is rejecting Tumini’s calls and distancing himself from her, he is still tailing her and getting daily reports on all her activities. Some people will say “Awww” but my prayer is for God to grant wisdom to them so they can see the many layers of control and power problems present with this scenario.

At the end of episode five, Tumini finally re-enters the scene much to the delight of all the viewers but it seems Aminu is not yet ready to move forward with her.

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