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Super Oxygenating Immunity Sprays – The MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements Help Maintain Immune Systems (

MUNO Health unveiled its flagship product, MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements, designed to help people maintain their immune systems. The supplements, developed in partnership with Dr. George Yu of George Washington University, deliver a super-oxygenating concentrate to the brain, essentially kickstarting the nervous system. Because this process is an extension of a naturally occurring function, the MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements are not addictive, intoxicating, or medicating.

The MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements come in two easily accessible formats, a nasal spray and oral and eye drops. Both formats are designed for rapid deployment and daily use. The MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements boast health benefits like enhancements in cognition, breathing, and immune function alongside allergy relief. The nasal spray targets sinus inflammation, while the drops can be used as a topical ointment for skin inflammation and abrasions. The MUNO Immuno-Oxygen Supplements will soon be available through IndieGoGo as part of a funding campaign.

Image Credit: MUNO Health

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