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Summer-Ready Hydration Solutions – The Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack Carries Sweet Summer Flavors (

The Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack from supplement brand TB12 offers an innovative way to stay hydrated with a selection of electrolyte supplements in sweet summer flavors. TB12 electrolyte supplements are packaged in powder form for easy addition to a glass or bottle of water. The Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack adds three new summer-ready flavors to these supplements in the forms of grapefruit, fruit punch, and ripe guava. The variety pack consists of 10 of each flavor.

TB12 electrolyte supplements are made from natural seawater concentrate and contain 72 trace minerals that help replenish nutrients and balance hydration levels in the body. They are free from artificial ingredients and are only 5 calories per serving. The Electrolyte Fruit Variety Pack, which can be purchased from TB12’s online store, will ship out around June 14th, 2021.

Image Credit: TB12

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