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Summer Juice Bar Menus – Clean Juice is Bringing Back the Incredi Bowl to its Summer 2021 Menu (

USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise, Clean Juice, announced the return of the cult-favorite Incredi Bowl to its Summer 2021 menu. The prolific juice bowl boasts a luminously colored, antioxidant-rich, organic blue spirulina loaded with acai. Also returning to the menu this summer is the Hydrating One—a fresh juice made with organic watermelon, organic pineapple, and organic mint.

While seasonality is a core valued concept at Clean Juice, the franchise also announced its decision to rotate through a more frequent schedule of Seasonal Featured Items rather than running on a four-season scheme. Landon Eckles, the CEO, expresses: “We are proud to celebrate the tastes of the seasons with more frequent innovations full of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.”

Image Credit: Restaurant News

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