Blogging has gone beyond a hobby and has become a money-making business as well as a platform to build your brand. As a blogger, you are to entertain, educate and enlighten your visitors, and Stella Dimoko has made her name in entertaining her visitors.

The entertainment niche in blogging is a very competitive niche, and one has to be on top of their game to remain relevant. It involves more than giving your client information about celebrities and what is happening in the industry, but you have to report it on time, and your gist had to be authentic for you to be taken seriously.

And this is how Stella Dimoko Korkus had to remain relevant in the blogging industry and became one of the most-read bloggers in Nigeria. Her platform, the SDK blog is rated among the top hundred most visited websites in Nigeria with over 20 000 visitors daily. There are numerous Nigerians that rely on for the daily entertainment gist, for its authenticity and controversies.

Stella Dimoko Korkus Education and Works

Stella Dimoko Korkus was born on August 22 and had her education in Nigeria. She finished her Secondary school education in Lagos and graduated with a third class in English Linguistics from the University of Benin.

She shared that she wanted to go into the banking industry but found herself writing when she failed to secure a place to start her bank career.

Stella Dimoko Korkus’s journey to becoming a successful blogger is an interesting story. She started off writing news articles for the one-time famous Hints magazine before she moved to Encomium and did a lot of jobs for a print media firm. She switched to writing news for online media companies before she started blogging on her own.

She created her domain and ever since then; she has been working hard to be the first to break celebrity gossip to her followers. She is not afraid of confrontations or controversies, as she has had her share of controversies with her blog, which has even made her more famous. Stella Dimoko Korkus is a name that is associated with debates in the entertainment industry, as she always seems to have her claws on the juiciest celebrity gossip and seems to get her facts on point.

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Her Family Background

Stella Dimoko Korkus has managed to keep much of her personal life private, even though her business is to bring the life of celebrities to the limelight.

There is not much public knowledge of Stella Dimoko’s immediate family, but she got married to Mr. Stefan Korkus in 2003 and moved with him to Germany in 2004. Her husband has always supported her with her blog to the extent that he helps to source news and gossip.

It is known that Stella Dimoko is very hardworking and has devoted much time and energy to ensure that her blog remains among the top with exciting news. She has a habit of waking up early to start her work even though she works from home.

Her experience in journalism has helped her achieve a great milestone in online media.

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