Osebo is well known for his sense of dressing and his fashion sense. Osebo has revealed in an interview the source of his wealth. In an interview with Accra-based radio station, Onua FM, Osebo revealed that the job that pave way for him as a successful man is pushing trucks.

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He disclosed in the interview how he decided to quit school after he completed Form 4 even though he was very intelligent in school. He revealed that his decision to quit school was because his father who was a police officer could not afford to cater for all his six children. Being the first child of the family, he decided to quit school so that his father could use the little money he earned to cater for his other five siblings.

Digging deep into his life, he disclosed how he wanted to enter the pushing of truck business but wasn’t having his truck. So he worked for an elderly man as a truck pusher who was in his 60s in Suhum who hired him to carry his goods but refused to pay him on four occasions.


According to him, the man who has been refusing to pay him gave CFA, a foreign currency to change into cedis for him but upon return, the man was nowhere to be found. He decided to keep the money for the money in case he came back to demand it.

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After a few days, the man returned and asked for his money, according to Osebo he went back home, took the money, gave it to the man, and carried his bags of cement to the Amasaman station. Rather than paying for his service, the old man rather directed him to his house and asked him to pay him a visit.

After he visited the old man, he gave him a Togolese passport which could be used to travel to Italy or Germany without a visa in those days. “That passport took me to Italy where my life changed completely,” he said.



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