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Smart Contactless Baby Monitors – Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Tracks Breathing in Real Time (

Leapfrogging off the success of the Miku Original, the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor empowers parents with the tools to keep an eye on their babies at the touch of a button. The Miku Pro is a wall-mounted baby monitor that features real-time tracking of breathing and sleeping alongside a live visual and auditory feed (equipped with night vision)–all accessed through a smartphone app. In case of any changes, the cutting-edge monitor automatically sends alerts to the app. These alerts can also be customized to detect particular changes based on the parents’ needs.

The Miku Pro tracks and controls sleeping conditions, taking factors such as humidity, light levels, and temperature into account. The baby monitor can play white noise and lullabies to help babies fall asleep quickly. Using an advanced sleep-tracking algorithm, the device offers valuable sleep insights that are customized for each child.

Image Credit: Digital Trends, Miku

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