Due to an aging population, taking care of the continence needs of older adults now more important than ever. To support this demographic, Ontex developed an adult smart diaper “to increase the wellbeing of all affected by continence care – patients, professional caregivers, institutions and families.”

The Ontex smart diaper features a printed sensor and a transmitter that convenes information, such as the saturation level of the diaper and the risk of leakage, through its mobile app. Ultimately, the smart diaper was designed to reduce the costs associated with continence care as it optimizes the required time and resources consumed.

In addition, the Ontex smart diaper was created with sustainability in mind. Ontex spokesperson Maarten Verbanck commented on the product’s recyclability, stating: “The choice for a reusable device and [a] printed recyclable sensor in ink is meeting the needs we detected from our customers, the wellbeing of our residents and staff and cost-efficiency. It is also motivated by our design-for-recycling concept (including packaging). We look at every aspect of the life of our products, keeping recycling infrastructure in mind.”

Image Credit: Ontex

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