UK-based skincare brand Haeckles launches the new ‘Bio Restore Membrane’ undereye mask. Like most of its products, the mask harnesses the power of the ocean to create products that support the skin’s microbiome. It is formulated by extracting agar from seaweed and infusing it with hyaluronic acid and B3 serum. The brand then adds other natural ingredients including aloe and cucumber to make it 100% natural. The entirely compostable biomembrane mask can be used to cool, soothe and reduce visible signs of tiredness as it activates in water.

Each set is grown to order and comes in biodegradable packaging. From the time the order is placed, consumers are updated on the masking growth through email. The mask’s final product takes about 7 days for growing the mask and harvesting it. To continue with the sustainable vision, Haeckles sends all of its products through carbon-neutral posts.

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