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‘Say yes to every opportunity’ – Naa Ashorkor advises female Legon students

Naa Ashorkor offered this piece of advice while addressing female students of the University of Ghana this week.

She said females should always say ‘yes’ to opportunities and develop positive attitudes towards them.

“Don’t say ‘no’ but ‘yes’ even if you can’t and then go and learn about what you’ve been asked to do and come back and do it,” she stated as quoted by Peace FM.

Naa Ashorkor further stated that even when not ready, females should say ‘yes’ to opportunities and learn about them. “Say yes to every opportunity even the ones you are not prepared for.”

She said she has progressed to this point in her career because she never said no to opportunities that came her way; especially the ones she knew would lead to the future she envisioned for herself.

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