Award-winning rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, well known as Sarkodie seems to be having a hard time breaking boundaries with his new song “No Fugazy”.

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Sarkodie is known to be one of the musicians in Ghana who spends huge sums of money on video production but after releasing the video on YouTube, it trends on Twitter for a very short time.

The rapper is also known to have huge numbers on social media, thus it is expected that his songs make waves on the market upon its release but in a recent development, this seems not to be the case.

Sarkodie recently released his latest song dubbed “No Fugazy”. From the look of things, this is one of the most expensive videos and songs produced by the rapper yet still, the song is struggling to make a hit.


After carefully observing and analyzing the rapper’s progress, Ruthy of Nhyira FM has advised the rapper to feature singers in his songs all the time if he wants to make hit songs.

Speaking on the Entertainment Power show, Ruthy said that all the songs released by the rapper alone struggle to the market but the ones in which he features singers go very far.

He, therefore, advised the rapper to collaborate with singers on his upcoming “No Pressure” album else, it will not become a hit album.

Watch the interview below:

Currently, the “No Fugazy” song he released about a week ago has fit 607K views on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

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