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Salma Mumin breaks silence on Xandy Kamel calling her ‘prostitute’ (WATCH)

Salma immediately sued her and Angel TV for GHC1 million and asked her to retract and apologise.

Though the issue is still in court, Salma has finally broken her silence, saying she was ‘stunned and shocked’ when she heard the statements made about her on a ‘national television’.

She was responding to questions about rumours that shocked her on Accra FM when she made this revelation.

“The recent rumour that made me sue Xandy Kamel,” she told Nana Romeo. “When I saw the video, I was stunned and shocked.”

“I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You don’t know what I do. All I’ve done my entire life when I moved to Accra is to work 24/7. So it gets to me when someone say I make ends meet from prostitution.”

“She (Xandy Kamel) accused me of getting licked in Dubai. Are you serious? How can you say this about somebody you do not know?” she quizzed.

Salma continued: “I was like ‘yo, people are really taking advantage of me because of my silence.’ They feel we are celebrities so they have to talk about us but sometimes, we have to let them retract their statements.”

“Aside from being celebrities, we have families, friends, loved ones, and we are also humans. She won’t be happy if she is talked about in that manner.”

“All the rumours have hit me but I had to do something about it so that when my name comes up next time, you have to be careful why you say,” she added.

Watch Salma Mumin address Xandy Kamel saga below.

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