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Replaceable Component Toothbrushes – The ‘GullariBrush’ Eco-friendly Toothbrush is Minimalist (

Conventional plastic toothbrushes are quickly falling out of fashion with many consumers concerned about their effects on the environment, which is seeing new alternatives like the ‘GullariBrush’ eco-friendly toothbrush be introduced.

The toothbrush is characterized by its minimalist design that is100% biodegradable and positions itself as the last toothbrush that a consumer will purchase. This is thanks to its replaceable head that will let users swap out just a small amount of the unit instead of requiring complete replacement.

The ‘GullariBrush’ eco-friendly toothbrush is made from sugar cane for its biodegradable construction and paired with charcoal-infused bristles that will help to provide a deeper clean. The tooth brush comes with an elegant carrying case to make it ready for travel.

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