Kumawood actor, Ras Nene who has now become an internet sensation following his comedy skits which have been going viral, has said there’s juju in the movie industry.

Ras Nene, real name Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi emphasized that it’s such negative tendencies fuelled by hatred and backbiting that have ultimately collapsed the movie industry. Speaking with Graphic Showbiz from his Kumasi residence, Ras Nene told this reporter that there was no more love in the industry.

‘All you see in the industry is hatred and selfishness, everyone wants to be at the top. There is so much juju in the movie industry. Hatred will take us nowhere, there is strength in unity,’ he stated.

‘Truth must be allowed to prevail in the industry, the envy and backbiting must all stop because it will take us nowhere. There are very few Christians in the industry and that is why we are where we are now.

A lot of veteran actors have passed on, the likes of Super OD, Araba Stamp and S.K. Oppong have all passed on as well as younger ones like Suzzy Williams and Kwame Owusu-Ansah so let us love one another, what will you gain if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?


There is judgement after death, we should humble ourselves so that the good Lord above who sees all things will bless us abundantly,’ he said.

Ras Nene further drew a link between the movie industry and a human being who had his or her ups and downs. ‘It’s like a human being, you fall sick at times, lose weight and gain it back after some time. There are times you are happy and other times you are sad.

‘When time changes, you also change, there are no more cassettes but there is YouTube so we need to go in that direction. The decline of the industry has happened before, when the Nigerians took over, but Agya Koo brought it back and we must applaud him for that,’ he said.



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