The Spero CBD Peppermint Tincture offers fast-acting relief from worries and stress in a great-tasting format. The CBD concoction is made with two active ingredients, MCT Oil and Phytocannabinoid Rich Oil, which help the body calm down–without the high associated with cannabis consumption.

The Spero CBD Peppermint Tincture comes in a 500mg bottle with an integrated dropper, allowing for on-the-go wellness wherever it’s needed. The fast-acting formula paired with the refreshing taste of peppermint makes for a serene experience that is designed to enhance relaxation throughout the summer months. The drops are administered directly under the tongue, allowing consumers to savor the long-lasting mint flavor. The Spero CBD Peppermint Tincture goes through meticulous testing processes to ensure the highest possible quality. The product can be purchased as a one-off or ordered on an ongoing subscription basis.

Image Credit: Spero CBD

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