The 3M Nexcare Duo bandages are one of the latest offerings from the brand that will provide consumers with an effective, pain-free way to keep wounds covered.

The bandages are made with a silicone adhesive that will keep a tight seal on the skin, while also making it far easier and less painful to remove. The bandages were developed to help provide 360-degree wound protection, while also featuring a water-resistant fabric that can even survive hand washing.

Global Brand Leader Peter Berens spoke on the new 3M Nexcare Duo bandages saying, “Painful bandage removals have been the norm for far too long. Consumers around the world create all kinds of workarounds and tricks to avoid an unpleasant bandage removal experience. Our all-new Nexcare Duo product introduces bandages as they should be — secure, flexible, and as easy to remove as they are to apply.”

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