Lyf, the world’s largest app-based support group, launched its new ‘Lyf Support’ feature. Lyf Support aims to make connecting with a mental health expert affordable and immediately accessible for everyone. This ensures access to mental health experts is available to a wider range of people, including those that may have avoided seeking help due to high costs.

The brand-new ‘Lyf Support’ feature is designed for when Lyf users desire immediate professional guidance from fully qualified mental health experts without waiting for an appointment. This can be crucial for those needing help as assistance is always available any time of day, on the users’ schedule, not based on when a medical professional might have an opening in their calendar.

Sessions are available for only $5.99 for a 30-minute appointment, compared to other services that charge hundreds of dollars for services that are not available on-demand. This makes Lyf Support a true disruptor in the professional mental health space by bringing vital mental health services to a larger audience than ever before.

Image Credit: Lyf

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