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“No Artiste Can Excel Without The Media, Lets Accord All Role Players With Respect”-Ola Michael [Video]

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This comes after Da Hammer of the Last 2 stated that most bloggers and other journalists in the media landscape feed on negativity rather than making the positive works trend.

He also asserted that the media is in a “safe zone”, thus knows little about the music industry and the struggles the music industry goes through to make hits. He said that the media ain’t too involved in the craft but are always willing to criticize talents without showing any form of remorsefulness.


In response to that, Ola Michael said that it would be appropriate if all role players in the entertainment industry are accorded the maximum respect needed in their line of duties.

According to him, no artiste can excel in his or her career without the assistance of the other role players like Bloggers, Presenters, DJ’s, MC’s and others.


He asserted that an artiste can produce his best work but without the consult of these role players, the artiste cannot go far with his or her project.

However, he also stated that criticism is part of the showbiz business, thus one cannot do away with it in his or her career.

He made his submission during the United Showbiz hosted by Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown on UTV.

Watch the video below:

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