However, the Okay FM radio presenter believes Akuapem Poloo’s comment is opaque and sets the President in a light that will fuel the existing perception that Ghanaian Judges are easily influenced because based on the separation of powers the executive must not be involved in the work of the judiciary when it is not a presidential pardon.

Poloo at her Press Conference after her bail said “I say a big thank you to the president of the republic H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo who upon receiving a lot of petition from well-meaning Ghanaians both home and abroad, intervened in my situation and gave a listening ear to my plight”.

Reacting to her statement on United Showbiz last night, the showbiz pundit said “she said risky things” and that if it was in the interest of the people she mentioned, to use a third hand to stir the appeal case towards her favour, then it means she has exposed them.

The President has a man called Eugene Arhin who is his Communication Director, come and tell us what did the President do about Akuapem Poloo’s case … it presupposes, did the President really intervene, did he ask the judiciary to free the girl, was it a pardon or clemency, what role did the President play?” he quizzed.

This because the President showing mercy towards you doesn’t change anything, he is the executive leader, he is not the head of the judiciary and there is the separation of powers so his mercy won’t do anything until he pardons you. Unless the President did something beyond sympathy and compassion and that is where we need to be clear,” Halifax explained in the video below.

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