Ghanaian rapper, Stephen Kwabena Siaw, well known as Ayesem has said that the source of the money most of the youth are flaunting is Sakawa.

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This has been a debate in the country as to the source of wealth of most people, especially the youth who are living lavishly and spending huge sums of money. In most cases, these people defend themselves by saying they are into businesses that give them access to huge sums of money.

According to a school of thought, these people are involved in illegal businesses like internet fraud and money rituals which have exposed them to these wealthy living.

Speaking in an interview with Amasan Krakye on Kastle FM, Ayesem has reiterated that the only source of money most of these youth display is a fraud(sakawa).

He said that people who are involved in such games tag their fraudulent activities as “hustling” which to him, there is nothing hustling about their activities, adding that God only blesses genuine hustlers.


In his words. he said; “A lot of the hustling is not legal as for that we all know some of the people who claim to be hustling are not doing it in a legal way.”

“When you hustling is legal that is when God actually blesses the kind of hustling that you’re involved with”

“But if your hustling isn’t legal, you can even get all the money in this world but your conscience will judge you. However, when you hustle in a legal manner, you would have peace of mind.

Imagine that your hustling is that you’re an armed robber, every time you need to be dodging but if your hustling is real which is legal every time you move up and down are you are okay”.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians have called on the government to ban the advertisement of money ritual contents on television since it was the main inspiration behind the murder of a 10-year-old boy at Kasoa by two teenagers.



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