One of the most important things that spark up connections between couples is going out on dates. Some ladies go on dates just to get the chance to know the person more, others go with a different agenda.

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A Twitter has carefully analyzed this and revealed the main reason why some ladies accept to go out on dates with guys even when they have no interest for each other.

According to him, most ladies do not accept to go on dates with guys because they like them, most of them accept because of the free meals involved.

Well, this turns out to be true in most cases. Some ladies only accept with the intentions of squandering the guy’s money while not having any kind of feelings for them.

This deceives most men into spending on ladies while their proposals are being turned at the end of the day. There have ben numerous cases where men turn to vex when ladies turn down their proposals on a date.

The Twitter user identified as Godsway cautioned the general public about this strategy adopted by most ladies, telling them to wise up.

In as much as his claims might be accurate, some accept to go on dates with guys on friendly basis. Not all dates are meant for dating purposes. There are also friendly which most ladies consider.

He wrote; Most ladies don’t go on dates with a guy cos they truly like him ooo. They are just hungry and looking for free meal…Be smart. Be sharp..use your brain bro

See the tweet below:



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