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Modernized TCM Supplements – The Hao Life Takes the Guesswork Out of Herbal Supplementation (

Traditional Chinese Medicine has the benefit of helping the whole body become healthier and The Hao Life is a brand that makes TCM supplements that translate ancient wisdom with modern remedies. The brand’s herbal super blends include dietary supplements for digestive support, hormonal support, sleep and relaxation, detoxing and more.

Mind Unwind is a product that’s branded as a “natural chill pill” that’s packed with ingredients to settle the nervous system and calm the mind. The formula leverages the power of potent ingredients like reishi, coral lily bulk and jujube seeds, as well as others like silk tree bark and Chinese licorice root. Breathing Room is a supplement that promises to be particularly relevant for the current times, as it offers immune system support with astragalus and Asian ginseng.

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