A few hours ago, T-Pain shared a video screenshot of celebrities who have messaged him on Instagram but due to his limited understanding of how Instagram inbox works, he ‘accidentally’ ignored all of them.

The screenshot he shared included three Ghanaian celebrities, Juliet Ibrahim, Wendy Shay and Medikal, who messaged him a few months ago but had no response.

“I was today years old when I found out about the requests folder on Instagram and that’s full of celebrities trying to reach,” he said in the Instagram video he shared. “I’ve been accidentally straight up ignoring all these people for like 2 years.”

He said he thought the Instagram inbox shows only direct messages and didn’t have to go through message requests to respond to messages.

“Thought DMs are supposed to show up in the normal folder and don’t have to go digging for all these. I apologise to everyone on this list and the hundreds of others I couldn’t fit in this video. These are just the ones I haven’t checked and replied to. Yup…I’m stupid.”

He apologised again in the video caption, saying: “I swear!! I’m just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!! How do I super apologize? Press conference? Townhall meeting? I’m dumb.”

And, as usual, some Ghanaian Twitter users dragged both Wendy Shay and Medikal on the 280-charater limit platform, and left out Juliet Ibrahim.

Reacting to the trolls, Medikal shared a screenshot of T-Pain apologising to him for the delay in responding to him message and promised to reply quickly to his messages going forward.

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