With a roster that spans across generations and genres, MainlandBlockParty assembled acts like Joeboy, Buju, Alpha P, Fave, LadiPoe, Terry Apala, BOJ and Sess to collaborate and recreate some of their most popular records, on different beats.

Interestingly, the time constraint on MainlandBlockParty meant this project was primarily recorded within an intense few days.

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The result is a sweet blend of Afro-pop, Trap and Drill records into a wholesome Electronic experiences by way of EDM, TrapEDM and Electro-pop. MainlandBlockParty must also take credit for how the fused records adequately complement each other – nothing was random.

The album abridges time and finds a link between generations. Producers, Adey and Sess must also take some credit.

Buju and Alpha P

At track one is a fusion of Alpha P’s Afro-pop record, ‘Paloma’ with Buju’s ‘Mind Games.’

The result was a sweet lyrical blend of TrapEDM, around a female figure. Tommee Proffitt would be proud of this record.

BOJ and Fave

‘Tungba’ is a 2017 record by BOJ and Ajebutter off their collaborative EP, Make E No Cause Fight while ‘Nobody But You’ is an R&B record by Fave.

The result of that fusion is ‘Tungba With Nobody But You,’ an EDM record that feels suited to a DJ Snake album. ‘Your Dal’ retains the Afro-pop hue, but with a twist as BOJ and Fave vocalize with brilliance.

Naeto C and Joeboy

In 2011, veteran Nigerian rapper, Naeto C released his sophomore album, Super C Season. In 2019, Joeboy was the new kid on the block with a smash hit on his hands. The result of those two tracks is ‘My Baby, My 5&6,’ two intense declarations of love.

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Both records were initially recorded on percussion-reliant production. But on this fusion, melody reigns supreme. Once again, ‘Tony Montana Likes Faaji’ fuses eras into one. ‘Tony Montana’ was a 2012 record by Naeto C and D’Banj while ‘Faaji’ was a 2018 record by Joeboy.

This Electro-pop record employs braggadocio to discuss the attractions of the good life.

LadiPoe and Terry Apala

LadiPoe was one of the final acts of the golden generation of Nigerian Hip-Hop whie Terry Apala was an unexpected and unique byproduct of the second wave of Trap in Nigeria. Together, they discuss sex on ‘Down To Janglova’ and the good life on ‘Champagne Already.’

‘Down To Janglova’ is a mashup of LadiPoe’s ‘Down’ and Apala’s ‘Janglova’ while ‘Champagne Already’ is a mashup of LadiPoe’s ‘Man Already’ and Apala’s ‘Champagne Showers.’

Final Thoughts

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The only problem with the project is that it’s about two or three tracks shorter than it could have been… That’s a compliment.

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