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The outspoken actress and female advocate has revealed that the fact that she interact with people on her various social media platforms doesn’t make them her friends.

She said no one should start feeling like they can play with her anyhow like they are friends after interacting with her on social media since she doesn’t know a lot of people on her various social media pages.

That I’ve interacted with you a few times on here doesn’t make us friends oo. Don’t start feeling like you can come and play with me on some level. I don’t know you lol

Lydia Forson was part of the few celebrities that tried their best to fight for ‘justice’ for Ghanaian social media influencer and actress Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo after she was convicted by the Accra Circuit Court.

Although she has had her issues with the social media influencer, she took to her Twitter page to throw her support for her saying you don’t have to like her or her actions before you can fight for her and described the trial as a ‘miscarriage of justice’.

She also wade into those people who were happy and jubilating after the court sentenced Akuapem Poloo to 90 days imprison.

To much to say, not enough words or energy for the nuances of this conversation; especially on social media. You don’t have to like her,her antics or what she did to appreciate what a difficult moment this is for her and her child especially. This is sad.

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