A South African lady and her husband have agreed to introduce a paid menstrual leave for their female employees.

The businesswoman who identified as Gloria Dhlamini-Liebenberg made this known in a recent social media post she made on Twitter.

The post she made reads;

“My husband and I, have introduced paid menstrual leave for our female employees. This makes me so happy as a woman.”

Her followers took to the platform to share their thoughts about her tweet. Read some of the comments below;

@Shadaya_Knightt – You’re happy with exploiting men. Imagine working the same job but working more days but still paid the same. That’s some empowerment

@Sairy_Fairy19 – I can’t help but feel like if everywhere did this women would have a really hard time getting a job. As an employer are you gonna pick the candidate who can work all the time or the one who can only work 3 weeks out of the month and still wants to be paid the same?


@TweetOrSTFU – So let’s say i decided to identity as a women one week per month, does that mean i get to benefit from this menstrual leave?

@ABlasianDeity – Why are people under this tweet not understanding that it’s not a compulsory leave. A woman might not need to take it every single month, but out of consideration it was introduced because menstruation is not out of choice and they’re looking out for their employees.

@xkerosenehearts – to all the people in the comments (especially the people without vaginas) saying that this isn’t a good idea, it’s optional. it’s not a mandatory “you get a week off.” it’s for vagina havers that have extremely bad periods and physically cannot go to work. some people can work



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