Both are known to have a good relationship aside from being colleagues. They’ve always tagged themselves as brothers and always support each other’s craft for the betterment of the label.

Recall in an interview on Hitz FM, Kidi said that if there was one thing he can change about his brother, Kuami Eugene, he would have changed the way he communicates with people.

In the interview, KiDi admitted that Kuami Eugene doesn’t know how to talk to people especially when he looses his cool. He said that the rumor of his brother being arrogant might be true considering how he talks to people sometimes.


However, KiDi admitted that he likes that part about Kuami Eugene because he does not hide his feelings neither does he sugar-quote his statements.

In reaction to that, Kuami Eugene has fired back at his colleague for painting him black to the media.

Kuami Eugene said that Kidi has always portrayed himself as the good one among them while painting him black to the media. He said that KiDi sometimes crosses the line, especially when talking about him to the media but he is entitled to his sentiments about him.

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