Pillow Cube is inviting additional backers on a Kickstarter campaign for its latest advancement in sleep technology: the Pillow Cubs side-sleeper pillow. Like prior adult models, Pillow Cubs boasts a strong, supportive foam core that encourages effective side-sleeping, known to have many health benefits and result in better quality sleep.

Part pillow and part teddy bear, the cute and comfy fold-up pillow is made with endurance and durability in mind in order to keep up with kids. The pillow also doubles as a toy and playmate with the adorable animal faces creating engaging characters. So far, Pillow Cube is offering four animal characters to choose from: Sleepy Shark, Uniquely Unicorn, Bravery Bear, and Helpful Husky, with another two characters promised if a stretch goal is reached. Alongside the trademark pillow itself, a machine-washable outer cover is included.

Image Credit: Pillow Cube / Kickstarter

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