Both have called out themselves in the past, but following his latest win, Usman had to respond after McGregor called him out.

After Usman knocked out Masvidal, McGregor took to Twitter to accuse the Nigerian of copying this shot.

“Usman even copying my shots now. Am I to fight this guy at some stage?,” McGregor said before hinting that he would want to fight in the Welterweight division.

I think so. Can’t be copying my words and my shots and not get a smack for it. I like 170. It’s mine soon.

Usman replied; “Except when I touch you at 170, they go out. They don’t even go out at 155 anymore for you. I finish people. You get finished.

McGregor said he has fought at 170 1b before (the weight required for the Welterweight division) and alleged that Usman once had a fight rescheduled because he was doping.

Relax there, carbuncles. You big spotty back pox. You were ringside last time I fought at 170. 40 seconds is all it too,” McGregor said.

Why did you reschedule Burns fight ? What was the reason, that was never given to the public, why that already signed fight was then rescheduled?”

“I offered you the fight and you went missing. Let’s stay humble young man. I already took your pride. Don’t make me take your whiskey too,” Usman replied again.

McGregor wants a shot at a fight with Usman; after his win against Donald Cerrone in January 2020, which made him the first UFC fighter to hold knockout finishes in the Featherweight, Lightweight, and Welterweight divisions, he called out Usman, who was present that day.

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