Jujuboy Star is more hedonistic on his sophomore single, ‘Enjoyment.’ He shows diversity and variety to messages he wants to explore thematically. Produced once again by Kel P, the beat is more throbbing and bouncy than Jujuboy’s debut, showing his intention of crafting a bawdy sing-along for clubs and everywhere people go to blow off steam.

Across its 3 minute runtime, ‘Enjoyment‘ weaves panoramic writing with the lilting cadence of neo-afrobeats and spices things up with the glistening horns that are a homage to one of Jujuboy Star’s biggest music influences, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

By the time the song closes out with a hypnotic blend of Jujuboy’s vocals and Kel P’s vocals, it’s clear that the singer has something special building up as expectations for his debut project builds.

You can play the record below;

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