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Interactive Biotechnological Playgrounds – The Airbubble Playground Boasts Natural Air-Purifiers (

The Airbubble Playground, designed by ecoLogicStudio, includes integrated air-purifying micro-algae. The London-based architecture and innovation firm aims to provide clean air for children to breathe while enjoying the play structure. Moreover, Airbubble is a direct response to the harsh reality of our polluted atmosphere.

Using its photo.synthetica technology, the firm can integrate photosynthesis-producing algae into the structure. The structure’s shape enhances the Airbubble’s air filtration process by literally creating a clean air bubble. Hosting 52 large bioreactors in borosilicate glass, the playground contains 520 liters of living green Chlorella sp algae cultures. In addition to its air-purification mechanisms, the structure also includes interactive gymnastic-inspired playing equipment for maximum enjoyment.

Image Credit: Designboom

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