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In Ghana, your privilege determines which rights you enjoy – Lydia Forson on LGBTQ

She was responding to news that the government of Ghana and the Tourism Ministry will host American painter and LGBTQ member Kehinde Wiley in Accra.

“The government of Ghana through the ministry of tourism, arts and culture is hosting @kehindewileyart a great artist and a widely recognised member of the lgbt+ community at the sandbox beach club while they refuse to #ReleaseThe21. Also, I thought beaches were to remain closed?” Ghanaian artist Bright Ackwerh claimed in a tweet today.

Responding to this, Lydia Forson stated that one’s privilege determines which rights they enjoy in Ghana.

“I keep telling you that in Ghana your privilege determines which rights you enjoy,” she quoted Bright Ackwerh’s tweet.

“He will be treated like a king, have people take selfies with him and rush him for business but they will turn around and do ewwww for a poor Ghanaian who’s a member of the #lgbtq Jokes,” she added.

She further stated that CNN’s business presenter Richard Quest, who is also a member of the LGBTQ community, was given such treatment when she went to Nigeria a few years ago.

“Isn’t this how Richard Quest was given a kings welcome in Lagos. He was even given front row at some mega-church bi because ‘obroni with money and influence’” she tweeted.

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