Ghanaian actress Ms Lydia Forson was in a Twitter banter with a fan who jabbed her for her consistent criticisms on the problems facing the country and what the leaders are doing about it saying she ‘feels sorry for his mindset’.

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Ms Forson, who is very vocal on criticizing and sharing her opinions on matters concerning the state of the country had earlier tweeted about how she thinks the country is not moving forward in anyway.

She said most of the flashy buildings, restaurants etc we see around only serve a select few and expressed how unfortunate it is for majority of Ghanaians to not have access to some basic social amenities that can make life easier for them.

Ghana is NOT moving forward. All the flashy buildings, restaurants etc serve only a select few. It’s not development if a majority of the people can have access to the most BASIC amenities.


A Twitter fan who commented on the ‘screen goddess’ post jabbed her for consistently criticizing anything by comparing Ghana to other countries in other parts of the world but hence stand to do nothing that will contribute to the development of the country.

If wanna go abroad go see all those beautiful places ah then you come dey come talk ghana development matter and shifting bless on politicians. meanwhile you can also contribute in this change you dey ask for. Smh

The actress came back to the comment section to reply the fan expressing how she feels sorry about his mindset. She added she hopes and prays the country gets better so the fan will not see the need to defend the people’s suffering constantly.

I feel sorry for your mindset truly. May our country get better so you don’t feel the need to constantly defend our suffering.

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