According to the mother of two, this perception is not true and she is using herself as an example to counter it, to emphasize that it is all the time the women are supposed to bleed when they met a man for the first time.

When I had my first sexual experience. So when I grew up I had a discussion with my friends and asked them whether they experienced that during intercourse and out of 6 people I asked, 4 of them said they didn’t but 2 said they bled,” she said.

In the video Kafui Danku has shared on her Instagram page, she said “this means some people in the past may have been accused wrongly of lying that they were virgins but then was nothing to prove“.

Everything was smooth and there was blood for me so I think there are men who think that every woman must bleed or show some sign that they are virgins,” she added in the video below.

An Instagram user, @juflavspecialfoods reacting the actress’ post wrote “bleed or no bleed, the man will know. In a sense that you will be very tight to the inside and there is going to pain”.

The social media user continued that “someone might say there are medicines to make you tight but truth is, that tightness doesn’t go deep and secondly it loosen at just the first penetration. But with virgin, the place take a very very long time to expand. My view“.

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