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I Did Not Sleep Around For My Wealth But Worked Hard – Salma Mumin Clears The Air

Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur Salma Mumin has debunked claims that she sleeps around with rich men to acquire wealth.

Many have pointed accusing fingers at Salma for being one of the slay queens in the entertainment industry who sleeps around with married men to make money because their line of work doesn’t pay much.

In a recent sit down on Accra, FM Salma said even though she has heard all those rumours, she has still chosen to remain silent about it, but people have taken her silence to mean the allegations are true.


She added that she has come to a point where she has realized those accusations are affecting her public image badly, thus the need to address it. Recently Salma sued Xandy Kamel for alleging that her luxurious lifestyle is funded by rich sugar daddies and husbands of influential women.

Watch video below for the full interview:

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In other news, comedian Funny Face has claimed he took the infamous Abena Korkor home once.

According to him, he thought that was his chance to have his way with the infamous media personality only for her to refuse him.

Funny face said he had nothing romantic with Abena Korkor and believes this is his chance to clear the air before Abena Korkor suddenly comes out with another list of guys she has been with.


The comedian said he had nothing but a good intention to help Abena Korkor because he has been in her shoes before and was able to come out unscathed, so he thought he could help.

Even though he claimed he did nothing romantic with her, he said he wouldn’t have declined if she had offered to sleep with him because Vanessa was in Kumasi then, and he really could do with some [email protected] in bed.

The comedian went on to commend himself for remaining faithful to the mother of his twins Vanessa.

Watch video below:



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