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Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, has stated that his previous controversial statements about terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were misinterpreted.

The minister also stated that he has no problems with Christians, stating that his personal driver, secretary, and technical assistant are all believers.

Pantami said this in a Friday interview with Peoples Gazette.

He said, “My personal driver is Mai Keffi, a practising Christian. I also have a Christian, Ms Nwosu, as my secretary and Dr Femi, also a Christian, as my technical adviser.

“If I did not like Christians or I did not see them as my brothers and sisters, I would not have been working with them for so long. I employed more Christians than Muslims on my staff because I believe in merit and competence over ethnic or tribal sentiments.”

“I have never condoned terrorism and I reject any affiliation to terror groups. I have long preached peaceful coexistence amongst people of every faith and ethnicity,” the minister added.

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