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She quizzes she doesn’t understand why married men will be chasing after young girls with sexy bodies for them to become their ‘side chicks’ when they can help their wives to gain the sexy bodies that they want.

Efia Odo is a very outspoken celebrity who doesn’t fear to share her thoughts and views on subjects pertaining to music, movies (entertainment), politics, lifestyle, fashion, religion, etc. She also uses her various social media platforms is a means encouraging the youth and her followers.

The media personality and television reality star, said instead of married men chasing after sexy body ‘side chicks’ they can help their wives in getting their sexy body back by taking them to the gym if they think they have put on weight, buying them sexy clothes, and taking care of their hair. She added they can motivate and boost their wives’ confidence in getting back to shape.

Some men will marry and have sexy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her sexy back. Go to they gym with her if you think she’s put on weight. Buy her sexy clothes, take her to get her hair done. Motivate her and help boost her self esteem again.

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